new avatar thing!

2009-01-01 13:06:27 by radicalace88

flagmingskll said that guitar things sucked, and hes right. i made it in about 2 minutes for this other avatar thing and then when i got to newgrounds al my good pivots were too big so i just stuck in that one. anyvay (its cooler than "anyway") this one still sucks but its marginally cooler than the other one and took me about 5 minutes longer. that one on the bottom is a better pivot i made, and i know its short but i can only have 150k in a picture. the whole thing is alot higher. and yes, i know that one isnt too great either, but i dont like pivot very much and usually spend my time doing other things.


new avatar thing!


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2009-01-01 13:07:13

oh yeah and it got a little cut off since it was too wide.


2009-01-16 22:20:50

sweet man!